Community, nature walks

Community/Nature walks through forest edge villages provide insights into the lives of the locals and encountering Uganda’s stunning array of wildlife is a moving experience for visitors, and meeting the people who spend their lives surrounding by the animals can be just as insightful.

These walks through rural communities offer a rewarding look into daily life, with tours conducted by villagers. Customs in each village reflect the local environment – from the chilly Rwenzori foothills and misty slopes of Bwindi to the parched savanna and tranquil banks of the Nile – and the story of each community is told by the village elders, as it has been from generation to generation. Participants also see community members perform centuries-old trades such as grinding millet, creating machetes, and healing with natural herbs and medicines. Other activities include visiting a traditional homestead to learn how people cook, work, and entertain themselves without electricity or running water, and stopping by the local distillery for a taste of waragi, a potent banana gin.