Cultural Performances

Music, dance, and drama are vibrant cultural traditions throughout Uganda. Through engaging performances, Ugandans outfitted in colorful clothing, grass skirts, animal skins, and even masks tell their stories of courtship and romance, spiritual beliefs, and joyful celebration. Songs and dances are accompanied by traditional music and instruments such as ndaras, wooden xylophones played by up to four musicians at a time; hand carved flutes called envamulres; and string instruments called adungus. Dances are performed by all ages, and even the less able are encouraged to join in with the aid of wooden puppets.

Each region has its own style of music and dance – from the rhythmic shuffles of the Batoro in the Rwenzoris to the incredible leaps of the Bakiga people of southwest Uganda. Many lodges and attractions throughout Uganda incorporate on-site cultural performances into their experience, and visitors can feel good knowing that they are supporting local families, villages, and educational institutions through their participation.