Jinja City

It is one thing to have the source of the longest river in the world at the heart of your city and it is another to know what to do with it. Jinja City manages to do both – and so well, it is dubbed “The Adventure City”.  Jinja isn’t just an incredible tourist destination though, it is Uganda’s economic heartbeat, anchoring some of Africa’s most humongous dams and housing large industrial parks with close to 100 industries. Uganda isn’t without Jinja.  The City somehow manages to put to good use the associated waterfalls and rapids on the Nile, and does so with just one goal in mind – to take your breath, literally.

Located just 80 kilometers from Uganda’s capital, Kampala, here’s a pinch of what Jinja City has to offer.

White water rafting on River Nile: Jinja is home to some of the world’s finest grade 5 white water rafting.  Rafting is best done in groups with sessions spanning half or entire days and extending over a distance of 21 kilometers. At its best, rafting on the white water sections of the Nile will give you the best experience of your whole trip.

Bungee jumping: This 43-meter high endorphin-gushing experience will have you screaming all your fears out. Travelers have attested that while hanging upside down mid-air, plunging down in this daring free-fall, they lived through the highlight of their entire experience. And in that moment, while the tips of their hairs brushed the surface of the great Nile, they knew they would return.

The Source of the Nile: Not many places in Uganda hold as much sentimental value as the source of the world’s longest river before it meanders its way through valleys and gorges to the Mediterranean Sea.

Jinja sunset cruises: There’s a saying; “when the sun is setting, leave whatever you are doing and watch it.” The evenings in Jinja embody exactly that. A typical trip in Jinja will include a boat cruise offering travelers great views for birdwatching and magnificent sceneries. Be sure to catch the golden sunset and its reflection at the water surface when you explore Uganda.